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Working with Dreams

Working with Body Process

Somatic Resourcing

Working with Sexual issues in Counselling

Attachment and Therapy

Introduction to Sand tray Therapy

Mental Health and Well being

Working with Grief and Loss

Working with Clients Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Introduction to Trauma

Existential Perspectives

Embracing Suicidal Parts: Internal Family Systems (IFS) to Heal Traumatic Wounds

Insights and Strategies: Crisis Safety Planning with Youth
and Teens

You Don't Look Dyslexic!

Suicide in Historically Marginalised Communities: Perception Versus Reality

Shame - The Meaning of Shame in the Treatment of Trauma

Trauma and the role of Shame

Releasing the Load of Shame Using Creativity

The Body Keeps the Score-Trauma Healing with Bessel Van der Kolk, MD

Bereavement Awareness

Understanding GDPR for Therapists

Gaslighting; help Clients Escape and Rebuild from Narcissist's Abuse

Taking Counselling into Nature

CPD Courses
My  Credentials

My  Qualifications:

Advanced Diploma in Counselling (NCS Accredited)            

Advanced Specialist Diploma in Psychotherapy.

Advanced Specialist Diploma in Clinical Supervision.

BSc. Hons. Geological Science (no relevance to counselling).

Advanced Specialist Diploma in Physiotherapeutic Gestalt Counselling.